Body & Pole

Kyra Johannesen and Lian Tal Lebret are the co-owners of Body & Pole.

With over 10,000 square ft of Poles, Aerial Fabric, Aerial Hoop and more, Body & Pole is the largest Pole Fitness and Aerial Dance studio in NYC, yet offering the experience of intimate classes by our world renown instructors.

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Created and founded by Kyra Johannesen, Marlo Fisken and Michelle Stanek the elevatED teacher training is a in-person, 3-day, 20-hour course comprised of lecture, techniques and mock instruction.

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B&Ptv Season 1

This class will focus on musicality, body alignment, finding your own style and improving your quality of movement on and around the pole. You’ll build your strength and flexibility through fluid pole tricks, combos and movement to become a better dancer or performer.

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B&Ptv Season 2

In Pole’Ography, you will learn a unique, stylized pole routine designed to increase your pole movement vocabulary while also focusing on musical and emotional connectivity. This class strives to improve your sense of musicality, lines, and expression with the use of dynamic and contrasting movement on the pole. Learn to combine moves into one beautiful flowing piece, while most importantly adding your own individuality!

This class is NOT for beginners as you may be expected to climb and/or invert.

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